Wholemeal Pasta With Turmeric

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Professional mix for pasta.
By hand or with pasta machine!

Rich in Fibers, Source of Proteins

  • regrind durum wheat semolina,
  • turmeric 1%,
  • deactivated yeast.

Manufactured in a facility that uses milk, egg, soy, lupins, sesame seeds and gluten-containing cereals.


Tumeric, originally from South Asia, gives fresh pasta a spicy flavour and a typical yellow ochre colour, which characterises first courses with cheerfulness and pleasant aromatic suggestions.

Preparation tips:

Fresh egg pasta:

1 kg of Wholemeal Pasta with Tumeric, 250/300 g of Whole Eggs, 100/150 g of Water

Fresh pasta:

1 kg of Wholemeal Pasta with Tumeric Mix, 380/450 g of Water

Put the mix in a kneader. Add the water and possibly the egg and knead for about 5 minutes. Draw or laminate to obtain the desired format.

Suggested pairing:
Exquisite in combination with sauces based on cacio cheese and pepper, cheese in general and spices.

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