Preparation for organic pizza with Old Grains


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Professional mix for pizza bases

Low Fat, Low Sugar, Source of Fibre, High Protein.

  • Type “1” wheat flour*,
  • stone-ground wheat flour*,
  • triticum monococcum spelt flour*,
  • rye flour*,
  • wheat gluten*,
  • spelt sourdough*,
  • deactivated brewer's yeast,
  • enzymes

* organic ingredients.


Type 1 wheat, durum wheat wholemeal Senatore Cappelli flour, triticum monococcum, rye and spelt sourdough. A 100% organic base that embodies in its flavor and nutrients a history as ancient as its grains, always known for their exceptional nutritional properties.

Ideas for Gurmé stuffings:

excellent with fresh cheeses, with the delicate taste of vegetable creams and pâtés, or with fresh vegetables with a Mediterranean hint.

Dosage: 100%

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