Functional Bread Salus®

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Bread mix with oat beta-glucans, which help reduce cholesterol*

  • Get tasty bread with excellent nutritional values and with oat beta-glucans, which help reduce cholesterol*
  • Salus is a complete mix as it already contains all dosed ingredients
  • For bread machine too
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macchina del pane

Bread machine

aggiungi solo l'acqua

Just add water

con betaglucani

With beta-glucans

tante fibre

High fibre

Senza emulsionanti chimici

Without chemical emulsifier


  • With this bread mix you get a light and low-carb bread, with a unique and irresistible taste
  • The mix already contains all the ingredients dosed, such as yeast and salt: you only need to add the water and knead!
  • Salus Functional Bread is different from white bread** because of its 7 nutritional benefits: low calorie, low fat, low carb, rich in fiber, with oat beta-glucans*, rich in protein and low sodium.

What is Salus bread and what are its ingredients

Salus is a healthy and light bread with oat beta-glucans, which help reduce blood cholesterol levels*. It contains natural and high-quality ingredients, such as type 1 wheat flour (which is less refined than 00 flour), oat fiber, and low-sodium sea salt. These ingredients mixed together make it a unique, functional, light, healthy bread. What's more, if compared to ordinary white bread**, Pane Salus has really good nutritional values:

  • 30% fewer calories
  • 50% less carbohydrates
  • 40% less sodium
  • 40% more protein
  • More than twice as much fiber

*Beta-glucan from oats has been shown to lower/reduce blood cholesterol levels. Hypercholesterolemia is a risk factor for the development of coronary heart disease. The beneficial effect is achieved with daily intake of at least 3 g of beta-glucans (about 150 g of Salus Functional Bread) – Italian low references: Reg.(EC) No. 1924/2006 and Reg.(EC) No. 1160/2011.

**Source: the comparison was made with the nutritional values of white bread made with type "00" flour published by: CREA (Council for Research in Agriculture and Analysis of Agricultural Economics); INRAN (National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition); Food Composition Database - 2016.

This bread is ideal when consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle.


  • Type "1" wheat flour
  • Oat fiber
  • Wheat protein (gluten)
  • Lupin flour and gritz
  • Wheat fiber
  • Wheat bran
  • Low sodium sea salt
  • Dry brewer's yeast

It may contain milk, eggs, soy, sesame seeds, mustard and cereals containing gluten.

tabella nutrizionale

How to use Salus Bread Mix

You can use Salus Bread Mix either by hand or with a bread machine: find the procedure on the back of the package. Add the water, knead, and let rise: you don’t need any other ingredients for the dough! The mix already contains yeast and salt.

With one package you get 600 grams of bread. We recommend cutting it into slices and freezing it: so you can get your portion as needed!

The package is equipped with our patented Magic Pocket (Ruggeri Tasca Magica®), which separates the yeast from the flour with an internal pocket. So it preserves the product's characteristics without using preservatives..

The official recipe for homemade Salus bread: watch the video!

Discover the recipe for Functional Bread Salus®: in a few simple steps and with the advice of baking expert Michela Giorilli, you'll make functional, tasty bread with wholesome ingredients. The recipe is in Italian language



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