Ancient Grains Pizza Mix

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Complete mix for homemade pizza

  • A special blend with ancient grains and type 1 flour for homemade pizza
  • Easy to prepare: just add water and oil!
  • The pizza will be delicious, with a golden and crispy crust
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High fibre
High fibre

Just add water and oil
Just add water and oil


With sourdough
With sourdough

Senza emulsionanti chimici

Without chemical emulsifier


  • A complete mix of flours and dried sourdough, for the preparation of a delicious homemade pizza, with a golden and crispy crust.
  • The Ruggeri mix contains Type 1 wheat flour, a less refined flour than Type 0, as well as durum wheat semolina and barley and spelt flour.
  • The pizza base prepared with this product will be a source of fiber and a source of proteins: excellent nutritional values for a pizza base.
  • The recipe to follow is easy: just add water and oil to the preparation, knead and let it rise.

A homemade pizza, tasty and easy to prepare

Ruggeri's Ancient Grains pizza mix is a complete mix that already contains all the ingredients, including yeast and salt. Preparation is very easy: just add water, oil and knead. This mix is equipped with the patented Ruggeri Tasca Magica® (Ruggeri’s Magic Pocket) that separates the yeast from the other ingredients with an internal pocket. This preserves the characteristics of the product without using preservatives. Here's how to use the mix in this recipe for ancient grains homemade pizza.

Ingredients: 1 Ancient Grains Pizza Mix - 300 ml of lukewarm water - ingredients as desired for the topping (tomato sauce, olive oil, etc.).

Procedure: pour the mix into a bowl. Add 300 ml of lukewarm water and knead vigorously for 5 minutes. Add 25 ml of olive oil and continue to knead for 5-10 further minutes. Let the dough rest covered with a cloth or plastic wrap for 20 minutes. Spread the dough on an oiled baking tray and let it rise inside the oven turned off for at least 90 minutes. When the pizza is well risen, season the base with tomato sauce or olive oil and bake at 210-220° C for 10-15 minutes. Remove from the oven, stuff to taste and bake for 7-8 minutes more, until all the ingredients are cooked.

  • Type "1" wheat flour 75%
  • Stone-ground durum wheat semolina 10%.
  • Spelt flour 5%
  • Barley flour 5%
  • Salt
  • Dried brewer's yeast
  • Dried wheat germ sourdough 1%

It may contain milk, eggs, soy, lupine, mustard and sesame seeds.

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Non utilizziamo emulsionanti chimici.



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