Type 1 Wheat Flour

85% of 100

Source of Protein, Source of Fibre

  • wheat flour type "1"*.

* The flour has been treated with L-Ascorbic acid, which has a technological function. There is no trace of it once the product is cooked and therefore does not need to be declared on the label .

It may contain traces of milk, eggs, soya, sesame seeds and lupins.


This flour contains a bran that does not weigh down the bread and enriches it with aromatic stamps and unique aromas, while not presenting the bitter taste and flakes of traditional bran. Bran is the part of the grain richest in fibre and micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, essential for a balanced diet that does not give up taste. Ruggeri Type 1 Soft Wheat Flour has a low fat content, is a source of fibre and maintains the appearance and versatility of "0" type soft wheat flours, while respecting the quantity of mineral salts established by Presidential Decree no. 187 of 9 February 2001 (0.66-0.80).

What do numbers “00”, “0”, “1” and “2” represent?

In soft wheat flour the numbering represents 30 % of the flour's degree of refinement: Type “00” corresponds to a very refined flour which will therefore be deprived of most of the nutritional elements of the wheat.

Type “1” Wheat Flour is naturally rich in nutrients while maintaining the characteristics for the baking of Type “0” Refined Flour. Type “1” flour contains more bran and wheat germ, the richest parts in nutrients.

Type “1” flour is ideal for bread, pizza, fresh pasta and desserts

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