Active Toasted Malt Flour

88% of 100

Perfect for bread, pizza, focaccia, breadsticks, crackers and all leavened products, even with seeds.

  • Wheat flour type "0",
  • malted wheat flour,
  • barley malt extract (15%),
  • natural yeast.

It may contain traces of soybeans, sesame seeds, eggs and lupins.


This Toasted Malt Flour is obtained by grinding common wheat, after its germination and drying.

Its natural enzymatic charge (diastatic power), makes it a valuable natural improver for all types of flour processing, increasing the development in leavening and prolonging the freshness of the finished product. Its particular malt extract gives a characteristic hazel colour and typical aromas of toasted flours.

The yeasts prepared with the addition of this flour will have a pleasant aftertaste with notes of coffee and cocoa.

Thanks to its natural yeast content, this flour replaces the use of fresh brewer's yeast.
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