Migliora® Pizza – pizza dough improver

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Enzymatic pizza dough improver for homemade pizza

  • New product to bake your best homemade pizza ever
  • It makes the dough easier to work and the pizza crispier and golden
  • Enzymatic improver perfect for your usual recipe
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Pizze più croccanti e dorate

Crispier and golden pizza crust

Non è un lievito

It does not contain yeast

Con misurino dosatore

Dosing spoon included

More workable dough

Senza emulsionanti chimici
Chemical emulsifiers free


  • Migliora® Pizza is the natural improver to get your best homemade pizza ever, without changing your usual recipe!
  • Thanks to the natural activity of its enzymes, it makes the dough easier to work and your homemade pizza will be crispier and golden.
  • Migliora® Pizza is not a yeast! Simply add it to your favorite recipe: for short leavening, just add 2 dosing spoons to 500 g of flour; for long leavening, add 1 spoon.
  • One canister of this enzymatic pizza dough improver is enough for 3 kg of flour.
  • Migliora® Pizza can replace Diastatic Barley Malt in home baking, in order to get a more regular fermentation and a more golden and fragrant crust.

What is Migliora® Pizza and how do the enzymes work?

With the innovative natural improver Migliora® Pizza the dough will be easier to work and will not shrink once rolled out. It gives volume to homemade pizzas, making them crispier and golden. Its secret is enzymes: watch the video (Italian language only) and find out how enzymes act on gluten mesh!


  • Wheat flour
  • Gluten
  • Deactiveted yeast
  • Enzymes

It may contain milk, eggs, soy, sesame seeds and lupins.

tabella nutrizionale

How to use Migliora® Pizza improver

You don’t need to change your favorite recipe to get your best homemade pizza ever! Simply add Migliora® Pizza improver to the flour and yeast. It is easy to dose, thanks to the special 10 g dosing scoop. It will make your homemade pizza even more crispier and golden colored.

For short Leavening: for leavening of about 2 hours, add 2 spoons per 500 g of flour; then follow the directions in your recipe.

For long Leavening: for leavening longer than 2 hours, add 1 spoons per 500 g of flour; then follow the directions in your recipe.

It replaces Diastatic Barley Malt in home baking: use Migliora® Pizza improver in order to get a more regular fermentation and a more golden and fragrant crust. The term "diastatic" means that this malt contains natural enzymes which decompose flour starches into sugars. So yeasts can immediately assimilate these sugars. Usually Diastatic Malt is used in recipes with sourdough and in long leavenings recipes.

Our recipe for homemade pizza with Migliora® Pizza improver


500 g of type "0" wheat flour

2 spoons of Migliora® Pizza improver

15 g fresh brewer's yeast

12 g salt

300 ml water

10 g olive oil

Procedure: in a bowl, mix all ingredients together for about 10 minutes until the dough is smooth. Let the dough rest for 10 minutes covered with a cloth, then divide the dough into two portions. Let the dough rest for 100-130 minutes, then roll it out in the baking tray and let it rise for about 50 minutes. Add tomato souce and bake in a preheated oven at the highest temperature for about 7 to 8 minutes. Remove from the oven, season to taste and return to bake for 3 to 5 minutes, until the pizza base is cooked as desired.

For longer leavening: use 1 spoon of Migliora Pizza® per 500 g of flour.




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