Functional bread Salus Dark - sliced bread

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Sliced bread with oat beta-glucans and malts

  • A packaged sliced bread with excellent nutritional values
  • It contains oat beta-glucans, which help reduce cholesterol*
  • With malts that give a toasted taste
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macchina del pane

ideale per sportivi
For sport lovers

con betaglucani
With beta-glucans

tante fibre
High fibre


  • Find all the goodness and well-being of Functional Bread Salus in this sliced bread with barley malts that give an inviting, toasty taste.
  • Already cut and packaged, Salus sliced bread is ready to enjoy at any time of the day: from breakfast to dinner, with or without stuffing, or warmed on the grill.
  • Salus Bread stands out because of its 7 nutritional benefits: low calorie, low fat, low carb, high fiber, with oat beta-glucans*, high protein and low sodium.
  • All packaged breads of this line have a shelf life of 2-3 weeks approx.

Salus Dark bread: richer, toasted flavor, thanks to barley malts

Like Salus Classic sliced bread, Salus Dark also contains Beta-glucans, which are oat fibers whose regular consumption helps maintain normal blood cholesterol concentrations. When consumed in the minimum amount of 3 g per day*-through the equivalent of 150 g of Salus, Beta-glucans have the property of reducing cholesterol.

Salus Dark Bread differs from the classic version thanks to the malts, which give a toasted, more appetizing taste. Enjoy it with or without stuffing or warmed on a grill, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, to reach your daily dose of beta-glucans!

*Beta-glucan from oats has been shown to lower/reduce blood cholesterol levels. Hypercholesterolemia is a risk factor for the development of coronary heart disease. The beneficial effect is achieved with daily intake of at least 3 g of beta-glucans (about 150 g of Salus Functional Bread) – Italian low references: Reg.(EC) No. 1924/2006 and Reg.(EC) No. 1160/2011.

This bread is ideal when consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle.


  • Type “1” wheat flour
  • Water
  • Oat fiber (7%)
  • Wheat protein (gluten)
  • Lupin flour and gritz
  • Wheat fiber
  • Salt
  • Brewer's yeast
  • Malted wheat flour (2%)
  • Toasted barley malt (1%)

It may contain eggs, soy, milk, sesame seeds, mustard and cereals containing gluten.

Treated with ethyl alcohol on the surface.

Produced and packaged by: Il Vecchio Fornaio Srl - Via Volta 44/38 35010 Taggì di Sopra - Villafranca Padovana (PD).

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